Valentine’s Day song from Crab Invasion

One Day by Crab Invasion
Crab Invasion are back with a new song-surprise. Composed especially for the occasion of Valentine’s Day “One Day” is a musical tribute to the soft-rock and white soul. Performers such as Todd Rundgren, Hall & Oates and Bobby Caldwell fascinated band members already at work on released in December, their debut album “Trespass”. However, only specific Valentine’s Day feast Crabs pushed towards explicit form of a ballad about love. Direct and honest.

In December 2013 by the effort of founded by musicians of Crab Invasion independent label Postaranie Records the group’s debut album “Trespass” was released. Nominated by Łukasz Konatowicz (Hiro, Porcys and in the album of the year plebiscite, the band finished in fourth place (as the first Polish artist among the nominees).

Crab Invasion “One Day”

Music: Crab Invasion
Lyrics: Jakub Sikora

Production: Remek Zawadzki, Crab Invasion

Mixing, mastering: Remek Zawadzki
Recorded @ Studio 7