Sister ties and common dreams in an interview with I.O.PROJECT

Hello. In the beginning I’d like you to introduce yourselves to wider audience. Who are you and what is I.O.Project?
I.O.PROJECT is a group of musicians seeking to succeed in the music market. And besides “cool people with the right sound,” as we were recently described by one of our fans.

Where did the idea to create a music group come from and how long it took I.O.Project to select the right line-up?
Ideas to create a musical group was plenty. Each of us played in different bands, participated or made a variety of musical projects.
The band was formed very quickly. At the beginning we practiced Olga’s songs as two, at home. After some time, we invited our neighbor, keyboardist Kamil, to collaboration. Then, together with Kamil’s colleague, drummer – Konrad, repertoire narrowed down in the rehearsal room . We wanted to record part of the prepared material. Andrzej – the bassist took up recording, who joined our team, encouraged by the song “Shadows”. Andrew at express pace recorded his parts and thus how our group met.

The initiative came from the sisters Szczepaniak. Did you know from the start what you want to do in life?
Yes, music has always been our passion. We’ve experimented in the times of the music school and just from this it all started .
We were always connect with this one goal – a common music project. Hence, moreover, the band took the name from. Of course, there were plenty of ideas, we’ve been through many different attempts to form a band. I.O.PROJECT is accumulation of our experiments and ideas.
Olena Szczepaniak3
As sisters you complement each other in the band. Have you never argued about it, which of you will be the leader in the team?
We make a very harmonious and good duo. Of course there are quarrels. They concern mainly organizational matters. Stormy discussions we conduct with each other practically every day. They do not apply to music, because in this field we are consistent. With no clashes and exchange of views there would be no I.O.PROJECT and through the year of existence we would not achieve so much.
It is natural that Olena is the leader of the team. She is a singer and author of music and texts.

You’re the winners of the “Otwarte Wtorki z NuPlays” first edition. You also participated on many festivals, you’ve played many gigs. Do you start to feel the pressure of creating a band?
The pressure is sometimes felt. It results from the pace of work which impose ourselves and the fact that we treat our work very seriously. Sometimes you need to quickly prepare for the unexpected concert or contest. There are various situations in which you need to strongly fasten yourself. However, it is natural to work of the musician, the realities of today’s music world and growing competition in the music industry .

The music you create is a catchy, pleasant fusion of jazz, pop, rock and funky. Thus was born your unique style and atmosphere. Have you not been afraid to mix these genres? For the average listener it seems to be an explosive mix.
Our unique style and atmosphere is caused primarily due to what would be born in Olena’s mind. It stems also from the original choice of instruments. In addition, each of us is listening to a different kind of music and has developed his own style, which certainly affects the final shape and sound of our songs.
A mixture of genres is spontaneous. None of us thinks about to push a little jazz here and there to add a little funky or pop music. Everything is like the most natural reflection of each of us, it’s just who we are.
Iga Szczepaniak2
Who inspires you to create music? What kind of music do you listen to every day?
We have a lot of inspirations. It is difficult to talk about specific examples, because we are not following nor imitating anyone. We listen to a variety of music, including classical.

The band consists of musically educated professionals. Music has always been the most important thing in your life, but have you ever wondered about choosing a different path in life?
Iga is at the threshold of a thesis defense at the Department of Geology, University of Warsaw, Konrad is a student at Warsaw Film School. Andrzej works in the family business, and Olena and Kamil are students of the Academy of Music in Łódź. We are all graduates of the School of Music I and II degree in Żyrardów.
Music and the band is a brave choice. We would like to be able in the future to devote ourselves completely to music and we strive for it. We still have a long road and hard work before us. We have tremendous support of our families and friends, so we can put everything on one, musical card.

On first of December you have finished a mini tour. What the fans that you have earned from the band, they can expect in the near future from I.O.Project?
We have a very busy time, because we’re preparing some surprises for the fans. Some are going to be surprising, but we can not tell yet. At the moment we are focusing on studio work, the effects of which can be heard, hopefully early next year. We invite you to visit our Facebook page:, there we put information on current events 🙂