Interview with Gared Dirge from Lord Of The Lost

Garet Dirge1

On your EP there are seven rare unreleased songs for example rocking cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” or an orchestral and cinematic version of “Dry The Rain”. Does it mean that you can start recording new album, without looking back for past and ballast in the form of unreleased songs which have been requested by fans for a long time? Is it a new chapter for you?
Gared Dirge: Well, i wouldn’t consider those songs as ballast or any sort of oppression. It was rather an attempt to shorten the wait for the new album for the fans so they don’t “starve” until we finally released the new album. Actually, the recording for “Die Tomorrow” had already begun at that time. Especially in case of “Bad Romance” it felt like the end of a chapter because we had waited a long time for the permission to release it. So one of the biggest wish of the fans was finally fulfilled and we/they got ready for something completely new!

It’s unusual to hear gothic band singing their own version of a pop song. Tell us where did the ideas for covers comes from for you and where are you looking for inspiration when creating new music?
GD: The idea for “Bad Romance” in particular came indeed while being completely boozed and hearing that song by chance. Since Chris is a huge sucker for Lady GaGa, he suggested to do a cover of it and the others immediately agreed. As for inspiration, any music we like has an influence on us. Be it pop music, be it classical music. If we like it, it also finds a way into our music.

Where did the idea for making such a controversial music video as “Beside & Beyond” came from? Haven’t you think about such idea as risky? In the end it’s availabe to watch (for example on YouTube) for “+18” watchers.
GD: We assumed in advance it would become an +18 video, but we accepted that because this idea was the only idea that perfectly mirrored the lyrics and the emotion behind that song. There was some skepticism here and there like “Do you support domestic violence against women”, but i guess in the end everyone understood what we were trying to tell with that song and video and that we do not in any way support stuff like that.

You already made around 60 episodes of “TV Of The Lost”, have you thought about releasing DVD and put there some of those backstage videos?
GD: You never know… Up to now there are no plans to do so with the TVOTL episodes. They have grown to over 8 hours of pure nonsense by now, and i guess no one would survive watching so much bullshit at once. But if we were to put out a live DVD, some kind of backstage report (independent from TVOTL) is always a nice gimmick for the fans. Let’s see…
In artistic area, do you occupy yourselves with something else for example: writing, painting etc. ?
GD: If you wanna call it “painting” what we’re doing to our bodies when going on stage… But no, not at all. We’re all musicians through and through.

Can You describe in a few words members of Lord Of The Lost?
GD: We’re a bunch of sexy guys having more fun at what they’re doing than the gothic scene has ever allowed… A common goth-boy-band you might say. wink

Is there anyone you would like to cooperate? Any bands, producers?
GD: Lots! There will a few surprises in the future, you will see!
You’ve released new album “Die Tomorrow” on 31st of August this year. It includes 2 CD’s and it’s released limitedly. The album is promoted by videoclip to a title song “Die Tomorrow” that was published on 10th of August. Fans might be suprised of the mixture of genres you put into that album. You mix gothic music with pop, death metal with disco, industrial with electro. But what can you tell about this album to people that have never heard of your music before?
GD: I guess, the mixtures you’ve mentioned are able to perfectly describe this album to someone who has never heard us before. We’re not very good when it comes to categorize music, because in some way it just restricts oneself. So to all of you who haven’t heard our music before: If those above-mentioned genres don’t scare you off, just give it a try. wink

Between January and February 2013 you have plans for “Darkness Kills” CO-Headliner Tour. It’s located all over Germany. Do you plan any gigs outside your country? I’ve heard you had some contacts with organizer of Castle Party in Poland.
GD: Well, actually we plan to play all over the world sooner or later, but it’s always a matter of booking contacts you have and how cost-effective it is. You don’t wanna lose all your money just to play in, let’s say, Japan.

Thank you very much for your time ! Any final words for polish fans?
GD: Thanks a lot for your support! We’re looking forward to play Poland. One day, our tour bus will also lead us to you! Stay tuned and see you soon!