Healing sound revealed in interview with MinusBlue



Firstly, I’d like to ask you, how did you came up with the name for your project? Where did MinusBlue came from?

I came across the name in a physics text book when I was studying many years ago – minus blue is actually a sub atomic particle, so in some ways, we all have minusblue inside us!

You’ve been infuenced by house music and dance culture of the late 80’ties and early 90’ties, but the music you make sounds very unique. What artists influenced you the most and what inspires you to create your songs?

New Order and Depeche Mode are the electronic bands that most influenced me when I was younger. When I started making music, I had been dj-ing for many years, and brought some of the house sound into the studio too. I didn’t really want minusblue to be just house music, or just chillout though, but kind of a sound where all of my influences met. I don’t write songs very often, but when I decide to write, I can write a few at the same time. I think it’s important to have something to write about, in your life, about your life.

I’d like to ask about your debut album “Clear Blue Eyes”. How much time you’ve spent working on it and how have you met amazing singers for the vocals, like Emma Saville?

The first album took a long time to put together, maybe three or four years from start to finish! MinusBlue started out as the name of one track that I wrote, and over a period of a couple of years, I realised that I had quite a few tracks that sounded similar, and thought maybe I could make a full LP from them. I met Emma Saville at a studio I used to work at, she came to do some work experience there, and we ended up working together about a year later. All of the singers on the first and the second LP are my friends, some of them are really well known – Sarah Jay sang with Massive Attack for a couple of years for instance, And some are first time singers, like Alex Michailidis on the new LP, she’s the girlfriend of my cousin.

Leigh Devlin - MinusBlue

Leigh Devlin – MinusBlue

And how was that to work on your second album “Living Life in Phases”? What was different than with the first one? Was it easier or something was more difficult?

The second LP was made in only just over a year. I had two writing sessions a few weeks apart and had pretty much all of the tracks for the LP ready for vocals. I had met a few new vocalists like Justin Lewis and Tom Sanderson, and had worked with them before, so they knew what I liked in terms of lyrics and vocal performances. In some ways though, it was harder to make the new LP, as it was a much more intense production.

Besides of being in MinusBlue you’re also a producer. Do you work for other artists with their careers or you focus on producing your own music?

I have worked with many artists over the years, from Dizzee Rascal to Atomic Kitten! I have decided not the produce for other artists for a while though and concentrate on MinusBlue. I love working with really good artists though, and will almost probably produce for other people again in the future.

I’ll get back to your first album once again. Your songs from this album have been signed into enormous amount of downtempo compilations. Do you feel like it’s what you wanted to achieve or you think more like “I want more”? How do you feel about the fact that people really liked your music?

I’m really happy that people liked the first LP! I thought it had some good songs on it, ‘Be As One’ especially, so its great to see people reacting to it. It has been signed to a lot of compilations yes! I don’t even know how many! The plan for the new LP is not to license it to so many different labels, and concentrate on keeping sales for the LP itself.

And I would like to know what are your plans for the near future? I guess main priority is the promotion of the “Living Life in Phases” album. Where people can find you playing live? Do you have any plans for Poland and other countries or are you focused on UK?

Yes, the new LP is the focus at the moment! We have done a few small scale gigs in the UK, but next year hopefully we can take it to places like Poland, that would be fantastic!

And finally how would you promote MinusBlue for people that haven’t found your music yet and/ or convince those that usually listen to different genres but are open minded?

I would say that MinusBlue is the kind of music that you can listen to anywhere. It’s quite danceable, but if you don’t feel like dancing, it’s the kind of music that you can listen to on your own and get some meaning from the lyrics. We have good lyrics!

Emma Saville - one of the singers for MinusBlue

Emma Saville – one of the singers for MinusBlue