Valentine’s Day song from Crab Invasion

One Day by Crab Invasion
Crab Invasion are back with a new song-surprise. Composed especially for the occasion of Valentine’s Day “One Day” is a musical tribute to the soft-rock and white soul. Performers such as Todd Rundgren, Hall & Oates and Bobby Caldwell fascinated band members already at work on released in December, their debut album “Trespass”. However, only specific Valentine’s Day feast Crabs pushed towards explicit form of a ballad about love. Direct and honest.

In December 2013 by the effort of founded by musicians of Crab Invasion independent label Postaranie Records the group’s debut album “Trespass” was released. Nominated by Łukasz Konatowicz (Hiro, Porcys and in the album of the year plebiscite, the band finished in fourth place (as the first Polish artist among the nominees).

Crab Invasion “One Day”

Music: Crab Invasion
Lyrics: Jakub Sikora

Production: Remek Zawadzki, Crab Invasion

Mixing, mastering: Remek Zawadzki
Recorded @ Studio 7

Crabs are invading! – an interview with the vocalist/ guitarist of Crab Invasion.

12430008 - KopiaFirstly I’d like you to introduce yourselves to readers. Who is the Crab Invasion and where did the nicknames of individual members come from? And where did the idea for the name come from?
Jakub “ZaStary” Sikora :
Crab Invasion is a band that I started with my brother Robert (bass, vocals) in 2009 in Lublin. Since then almost everything changed from the place where we played rehearsals and recorded material (Warsaw), the line-up (today it is the quartet – before the trio and duo), the music we play. Today, we try not to operate our nicknames, leaving them to our friends. Let the source of their origin remains a mystery.
The name comes from previews of a natural phenomenon. We recommend to google it. For the lazy ones:

Your sound is classified as a mix of disco, indie and funk. However, if you had not pigeonhole in the context of musical genres, how would you describe the sounds that you create?
It’s hard for me to find a common denominator for everything we do. I think the easiest way to understand it all is being on our show. There’s a whole combinatorics and some kind of melodic motifs excess disappears under the weight of trance and dance pulse. As for the album “Trespass” it should be treated as a journey through our musical interests run over. It is very colorful and heterogeneous trip, but coherent melody shouldn’t make anyone get lost in it. It’s also a bit of a stylistic kaleidoscope.

So far you’ve released your work, “Dart” and “Trespass”, that listeners can for example listen on Spotify. Your music has a unique sound. A little bit of melancholy in it, a bit of nonchalance, all composed in the songs that once lured with its gentleness, and immediately afterwards makes people want to jump on the dancefloor. How did you manage to create music that enjoys each ear?
I think it will be enjoyed by people with open heads. It’s also who we are. None of us is tied to any particular genre. On the other hand, each of us for a moment was. After this stage of life, there comes a time (at least for me), where you want the music to speak its own language. You try to understand the musical message, cutting off pieces of all other codes that accompany it. Such an approach opens the head in countless sound experiences. This is of course much easier today than in the pre-Internet era. In such an environment (excess stimuli) this album was created. I would add that it’s about life stimuli, which probably explains the emotional variety of the album. For example, during the formation of the material I moved five times. And this is just me – one of the four people in the band.

Is there a band or an artist that is important for the development of your music or you don’t direct your personal inspiration to create music for the Crabs?
Referring to the previous answer – there is a whole bunch of artists. I think that the way this album is worth mentioning since from what it all started almost two years ago – fascination of the 70’ties; both “black”: funk, soul, fusion, disco (including Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Parliament, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Earth Wind & Fire, Chic, George Duke) and “white”: progressive rock or soft rock (Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes, King Crimson, Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren, Fleetwood Mac). Quite important was also the influence of contemporary dance music and some kind of roots Crab Invasion – the American indie rock. At some point, music was all around us so much that we began to neglect our real, ordinary lives. Crazy period. Something like the beginning of a relationship – only that made of four.
Okładka Trespass
Returning briefly to the history of the band . How four such talented guys from Lublin met?
At the beginning two people met and it was more than 20 years ago. After receiving a thorough musical education from my elder brother that bought plenty of CDs, I began to repay the sacrifice by teaching him to play the instrument. After a brief stint in a post rock project CoveInsight – I’ve recorded at the age of 16 and I thought that I know about music production (we got up on the American compilation of fan covers of Depeche Mode!), then came the time to play indie rock with a real drummer. Then we let into the network our first demo and EPs, drummers were changing (greetings for Twilight Man, Raspberry Boy, Thesmonda and Gajos, who played a session in Lesson 01 and Margin of Order) and finally after more than a year since my move to Warsaw, Tomasz Bala and Tomek Skórzyński fell from the sky. Then cosmic things had happen.

When creating Crab Invasion have you thought about success? What were your plans: have you been warned that one day you will play concerts in whole Poland, or that you’ll end up as a sub band playing in small smoky clubs?
Quite frankly – I do not remember too much about our plans at the beginning. I always wanted to deal with the music, but in the beginning I did not know anything about this market. That changed over time, but the fact that we have survived so much adversity and not broke up despite internal problems makes me think that the plans were always big. Perhaps more dreams.

Crabs’ songs are written in English. How did you made the decision to create in this universal, global now language? Were you afraid that the Polish language will not adopt to a wider scale?
The issue of scale has never been considered. As a child I listened to music sung in English. I have lived under the shade. Except to Polish rap, which in my childhood passed the period of the mainstream, I had a greater awareness of Polish music. Or rather, I was, but I was not attracted. I started relatively late fascinated by the Polish lyrics. Therefore, quite naturally I have written in English. Over time I start to feel a slight discomfort. Why I read books, I communicate with friends, talk to people at the concert in Polish and sing in English? Such a testing ground for my solo project ZaStary. Perhaps in time the song of Crab Invasion in our native language will appear.

What do you like to deal with outside of time spent with the band? Is there anything besides music, what gives you joy?
Movies, books, talking to people, drugs, dancing (recently!) 😉

Hardball : What Crabs have in plans for the next year?
All the greatest. We will communicate them on a regular basis. For now we will focus on the promotion of the album in unexpected places. We want to go all out, not looking to the nature of the medium in which we act. In addition, in the winter there will be a new video, remixes, gigs in places where we could not play last year, and later spring tour. It will be loud!