One less star in the atmosphere.

It’s a sad, sad end of the year. We’ve lost many amazing people and this Christmas another one has finally seen the white light.
We’ve lost one of the greatest artist. A person with strong bond with the fans and many outstanding songs that we will forever think of as classics.
On December 25th George Michael (or Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou – which was the real name of this great persona) has passed away. This makes Christmas of 2016 more quiet and less magical.gm2

He gave us all the best he could: his voice. He got us all wrapped around it since the years of Wham! through his first solo albums “Faith” and “Listen Without Prejudice”, then so different pieces like “Older” up until his latest single “White Light”.

He will never be forgotten by legions of fans and music enthusiasts around the world as he joined much bigger scene alongside David Bowie and Prince.
Goodbye George. Goodbye and Goodnight!


Lordi “To beast or not to beast” announcement.

Last time we’ve heared them with the release of their “Babez for breakfast” album. They changed line-up, they became darker & creepier. And now they are back.
Lordi yesterday announced the releasing dates for their 6th longplay album, entitled “To beast or not to beast”. After Mr Lordi, the European release will be on 1st of March and US release is going to be on 19th of March. The album will consist of 11 new tracks from monsters including an SCG “Otus’ Butcher Clinic” that instantly makes fans remember ex-member Otus, that passed away on 14th of January 2012.

The artwork for the album cover.

The artwork for the album cover.

First title for the album was meant to be “Upgradead”, and this is what Mr Lordi says about the change (according to Official Lordi website):
“The album cover painting is actually a part of a larger picture. The original artwork had this vintage- styled lady holding a horned skull, which, however, was not the main point of the art piece.There was something not quite right with the setting, so I made experiments with various versions and frames. Album title was Upgradead at that point in time, and the painting was done with that title in mind.”

He goes on: “But now, with a changed concept of the artwork, the title did not seem to fit anymore. We did not consider it an A-class name either. Our guitarist Amen came up with the final title, which we felt suitable and perfect both for the cover artwork and the album.”
The album track list is as follows:
1. We’re Not Bad For The Kids (We’re Worse)
2. I Luv Ugly
3. The Riff
4. Something Wicked This Way Comes
5. I’m The Best
6. Horrifiction
7. Happy New Fear
8. Schizo Doll
9. Candy For The Cannibal
10. Sincerely With Love
11. SCG6: Otus’ Butcher Clinic

The first single from the upcoming album – “The Riff” will be released on 8th of February.