Cyborgdrive “Majestic Land” – The review

To deal with a new artist, firstly you need to know a little bit of his history.
And sometimes few simple facts are enough to get into someone’s music.
Here comes an artist straight from Spain – Paco Butrón – hiding behind his stage name Cyborgdrive.
But don’t get confused about the hiding thing. The man is not shy to show his talent in creating great music within the electronic genre. The best prove to that is his first LP album entitled “Majestic Land”, which he produced, arranged, mixed and mastered all by himself at Cyborg Studios and released in 2016 in cooperation with Amuza Producciones. And let me tell you it was worth going on an adventure through this great land with his music.


The album consists of 14 incredibly well sorted in perfect order songs that together create an epic journey through time, space and landscapes of imagination. Rest is up to the listener: the interpretation of sounds and lyrics and visions of their own that will surely appear in their heads. With this album it’s simply impossible to avoid.
The full list of the tracks you’ll find on the Majestic Land album is as follows:
1. The Moon is mine (1:04)
2. Cell feat. Robert Eberl (5:51)
3. Reason to Live (4:22)
4. Freedom Tonight feat. Airyn (4:56)
5. Return to Sky (3:47)
6. A place in time feat. Insight (5:23)
7. Excalibur (4:39)
8. We are one (5:36)
9. Atom Machine with Complexystems (5:37)
10. Stolen Innocences feat. Laura Aragón (3:36)
11. Dancequence (4:21)
12. Time Remains (6:31)
13. Gain over (4:53)
14. Majestic Land (6:35)


What is certain after hearing the musical voyage to this extraordinary place is that you will never get tired and will always come back to repeat it over and over again.
So don’t wait any longer but go and grab your own copy of the album!

You can also find the artist on social media. Don’t be afraid – it won’t hurt to know the person behind the music! 🙂

Facebook – Cyborgdrive

Soundcloud – Cyborgdrive

Bandcamp – Cyborgdrive

One less star in the atmosphere.

It’s a sad, sad end of the year. We’ve lost many amazing people and this Christmas another one has finally seen the white light.
We’ve lost one of the greatest artist. A person with strong bond with the fans and many outstanding songs that we will forever think of as classics.
On December 25th George Michael (or Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou – which was the real name of this great persona) has passed away. This makes Christmas of 2016 more quiet and less magical.gm2

He gave us all the best he could: his voice. He got us all wrapped around it since the years of Wham! through his first solo albums “Faith” and “Listen Without Prejudice”, then so different pieces like “Older” up until his latest single “White Light”.

He will never be forgotten by legions of fans and music enthusiasts around the world as he joined much bigger scene alongside David Bowie and Prince.
Goodbye George. Goodbye and Goodnight!


German synth-rock on a rise! – interview with SOULIMAGE

Hello guys! I hope you are well and “ready, steady, go!” for these questions I prepared for you.
1. As for the beginning I’d like you to share the story of SOULIMAGE. How did that started for each one of you: when did you join the band and what were your first thoughts about the project?

SI_Juergen: I already played several times with Luck in different bands/projects since the 90s. In summer 2014 he asked me if I would like to join his current formation “soulimage”. All the time before I “only” made hand made music and was quite interested in interacting with electronic music. At the end I was challengenged to try something new, which lead me to soulimage.

SI_Burbn: I started in summer ’15 at SOULIMAGE and played in different bands and sideprojects before (unknown for the most). I answered on a posting by Robert at Facebook and now I am here 😉

SI_Stefan: I already saw Soulimage live in 2006 and did the livemixing on one of their concerts in 2010 something. When Robert needed new musicians I called to do guitars or keys, what I ended up with. Before that I did my own gothic rock band from 2000 to 2010 and participated as live musician or sound engineer for several bands in the german gothic scene. Ironically, in my own band I played the bass, but I am nothing against Juergens skills.

2. And I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t add one extra question for the vocalist Robert, about the idea behind the formation of the band. When did you know that you want to form a band and what was your vision about it then and how does it look now? Did that change or is it still the way it was in the very beginning?

SI_Robert: Soulimage was created in my mind in 2005. Even before any music was written, I knew that the band or project should be called Soulimage. Then I started to work on songs. Everything was created on typical electronic pattern, until a few years later the idea of a real band came up. There were many line-up changes and the music sounded different over times. That’s why it was so hard to get some constance in the music. For me Soulimage should just sound awesome, no matter if it was electro pop or hard rock. But that, maybe, was also part of the problem, why it took this long to find the real Soulimage sound. It really took several years, but now we have arrived.
3. It’s not that common for a band to describe the performing genre as “synth-rock”. Please explain where did that come from and why did you choose this over other music genres?

SI_Juergen: The term “synth-rock” is the combination of our most dominant music styles. “synth” stands in general for electronic music and “rock” I think needs no explanation 😉

SI_Robert: Synth-rock is only a description of what we unite in our music. Synthetic sounds with some hard but also melancholic rock. We are no gothic-rock band, certainly influenced by this genre, but no way bogged down. Maybe there will be a new style of rock with Soulimage – I don’t know. But no matter what you want to call it – we just make our music.

SI_Burbn: I dont like to put our style in a typical genre like “synth-rock”… We use synths and playing a basic-rock-set, yes, but we are too “unclassified” i think 😉 Sometimes we play metal with synths, sometimes we play industrial-rock, so every guy where listen to us has different explanations for this style. I dont care ’bout that 🙂

SI_Stefan: Synth-rock is a defined term in germany to describe Bands like The Birthday Massacre, A Life divided and so on, everything thats not tough enough to be industrial rock/metal nor “Neue Deutsche Härte”. Technically it’s a spoof, most people forget how much synthetic stuff is common these days in produced music. For me it’s a punctation to point out that the digital parts are as important as the rockish parts, though the mass of the ingredients might vary. Maybe someday, the term will change. It’s just a word….

4. Connection of synth music with strong rock is so intriguing that I need to ask for the influences. What was your inspiration in the creating process and what ispires you in general?

SI_Robert: I hear a lot of different music. Classical music as well as hard metal. However, most affect me “Depeche Mode”. I love the mood of their songs.

SI_Juergen: The biggest inspiration for me was the work of bass player Twiggy Ramirez on the albums “Hollywood” and “Mechanical Animals” together with Marylin Manson. The way he supports the band and song is quite imposing. He’s also the reason why I started using distorted bass sounds.

SI_Burbn: I have a big repertoire on music styles i like, but mostly something with guitars in it 😉 I learned a few instruments, but my favorite instrument was since the age of 9 the guitar. I listened to a lot of bands, but two guitar-players with very significant styles/sounds gave me goosebumps everytime i heard them and they impressed me alot; Richard Z. Kruspe (Rammstein) and Paul Allender (Cradle of Filth).

SI_Stefan: Speaking of electronics, my greatest influence is the work of Bruno Kramm, how he mixes harsh electro sounds and classical tunes perfectly on a very artistic level. Despite that, my favorite Bands is “Samsas Traum”. And I love the stuff Stevie Wonder did in the 70ies.
5. Many great music bands and artists come from Germany that gained international popularity, such as Rammstein, Reamonn, Scorpions, Kraftwerk or Die Toten Hosen to name a few. Do you have equal ambition to become globally known or do you focus on your homeland?

SI_Juergen: We definitely do not restict ourselve. The rest is up to our fans and the music society. Try it on yourself, invite us to a Polish festival and meet us 😉

SI_Burbn: I would love to play in the whole world, but like Juergen said; it’s up to the fans and the industry 😉

SI_Robert: We focus on what the future will bring. It is much of the financial resources, whether you reach a corresponding degree of popularity. Money is not everything, but it’s definitely important to get further.

SI_Stefan: I like most of the bands you named, but I’d rather aim for a “cult-band” status, that is not that dominant in the charts but could manage to gain a solid fandom all over the world for decades.

6. On 20th of May this year your debut album “The Whole Universe” had its release. Can you share something from the working process? How long it took to record the album and what music lovers can expect from it? Also, how involved were you during the process of the making?

SI_Burbn: Most of us recorded our instruments at our own “home-studios”. I recorded only the guitar-parts for the album. Most of the work had to be done by Stefan 😀
Expect nothing peticular of this album and you will love it 😉

SI_Robert: Partly, I was really frustrated about my voice and the singing. This is certainly due to my perfectionism. 😉 But ultimately, we have produced a good debut album, in my opinion. Even if it took really much time and nerves.

SI_Stefan: I hate them. All of them *laughs* The whole process took about 2 months, but everyone had about 3 weeks of work on their own, my job was to collect all the recordings, arrangements and ideas everyone had and put them together in one piece.
7. Aside from the album release, you seem to know some other German artists like Florian Grey or Bitch&Chips that you already performed live with. What do you think about these other artists? Are they a serious competition to you or is it that you don’t consider anyone a competition?

SI_Robert: Why should good artists represent a competition? We only can learn from each other. Everyone invests time and money for the success. Florian Grey is a really talented musician and singer and he really deserves it. Bitch&Chips changed their name again to “Darkh”. But no matter how they are called – they fuckin rock the stage!

SI_Juergen: Bands should not be competitors at all. The most important thing is that we and our fans have fun and enjoy our music. Some people(and also bands) hopefully like us and others will not. That’s life.

SI_Burbn: Juergen’s right. It should be fun, so we don’t care ’bout competitions with other bands. I personally don’t give a f*** ’bout that 😉

SI_Stefan: There is no competition in music. You have your occassional divas and “superstars”, fuck them, otherwise it’s important to help each other out, otherwise this whole underground music thing would not work at all.

8. As a band there must be a true bond between the members. What is the most funny memory you have with one another so far?

SI_Burbn: We don’t have fun and we don’t have funny memories. We are the most evil band in the world… I’am just kidding 😉 It’s always fun to play with this guys and i’am very proud to be a part of it! But I could not name a particular memory with one of them, there are so much of it 😀

SI_Stefan: I wanted that cake so badly…. *lol* *

* – What Stefan meant was most likely the cake one FOB (fan/friend of the band) made for one of the gigs that was unfortunately canceled due to bad weather).
9. You are the members of the synth-rock (but still rock, though) band. How do you like to spend your time off? Or is there even any amount of time off for SOULIMAGE? Do you spend it together and separately and what gives you relief and calms you after a gig or time in the studio?

SI_Juergen: To be member of a band is a kind of partnership. But beside of the band almost everyone has his own family with childrens. A well balance is very important to keep both partnerships working. Most of the time when we are not busy with tormenting our instruments we are kidding each other.

SI_Burbn: As Juergen said, most of us has a family and working besides the band (we have to). There’s not much time besides that, so we “hang out” at gigs and at our “super-creation-room” 😉 But personally i like to play video-games at home and going out to concerts, cinema, eating at restaurants and so on.

SI_Robert: Nothing else to say! 😉

10. You have a strong bond with your fans. What is the most memorable thing you remember from your live performances?

SI_Robert: Our keyboard-player Stefan has pulled out his shirt on the stage. That has really traumatized me. More than anything else! 😀 Otherwise I remember well in every single show. People give back so much energy.

SI_Stefan: It was at this one show, where I dared the audience to move at least as much as my mother (she’s a 5 time granny) that danced the whole time 😀 And HEY, it was hot on stage!!

SI_Burbn: A complete family (grandmother, mother, children) where’s rockin’ to our songs! It was fascinating to see, that we could animate 60+ and 18+ year old people with our songs 😀
11. To stay with relations with others. Do you consider yourselves to be a role model for young artists and bands that are still in a phase of playing in the garages and trying to knock out for a bigger stage? What would be your advice for those young people?

SI_Juergen: The best advice to musicians is: never stop making music and keep your ears open.

SI_Burbn: Play the style you like and never (!) give up! But focus on your school/work! Don’t see it as something you had to do, it’s very important to have a good job… to finance your equipment 😉

SI_Robert: Do your own style! Be faithful to yourself and always listen to your hearts!

SI_Stefan: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and try again. In art, everything goes!

12. Going back to your debut album, share with us some of the dates and places where people can find you performing live. How does the tour looks like and what are your plans for the near future?

SI_Robert: You can see Soulimage live: 08/20/2016 – Dresden (Club11), 08/27/2016 – München (Garage Deluxe), 09/03/2016 – Regensburg (H5). We will plan some more shows for autumn 2016. Otherwise we plan to release the second single from the debut album this year. For sure we will work on new songs and on a second album, but we don’t want to commit us still in a date.

Thank you for taking the time for this interview and I hope that soon a group of your listeners will significantly grow!
Iwona “Izzy”

SI: Thank you very much Izzy

This is the end…

Dear followers, readers, friends!

I’ve made one of the hardest decisions in my life.
I’ve decided to end Crack In Reality blog by December 31st 2014.
I will not delete this website though. I believe it would be a shame for all the things I did here. So people will still be able to come over and read 🙂
I’m not going to write anything new unfortunately. As I’m on my own, and have many other things to focus on, I won’t have enough time for blogging. I regret that, because I truly love this place. Although I need to find a job to start earning money and it’s not that simple. About June/ July I might start my own company if I won’t succeed at finding a place to work since then. I also need to focus more on writing books. Because so far there’s always something distracting me from writing and so I could not concentrate on what is so important to me since time immemorial.
I hope you had a blast reading this blog since its beginning.
And remember. A goodbye is never a true goodbye. It’s never forever.
If I will ever be asked to write something new, I will do my very best to do that
But as for now, I wish you a happy, joyful and filled with music New Year!!
Love you all,
~ Izzy

The magician behind BLACKBYTE – the amazing Colrath Furiae

1. When did you decide to become a graphic designer? Was it something you’ve been thinking for a longer time or was it just something you’ve been good at so you’ve decided to make money out of it?

I think I was 14 years old when I started to play a MMO game called Diaspora. At some point people started to customize the game UI and I decided to try that too (can’t remember the software I started with) and I received good feedback about my UI’s so I got somewhat excited about graphics design at that point.

Soon after I downloaded Adobe Photoshop trial version (because people recommended it) and joined art website called There I found lots and lots of inspirational artworks and I knew this is what I really want to do.

After that I’ve kind of been practicing my skills and I’ve even received few Daily Deviation awards along the years at

I’ve never really been after money with graphics design until I was confident enough with my skills as a graphics designer and founded my own company (2010).


(The Missing Pieces)




2. What is your inspiration when designing? Do you have a certain vision in your head when creating something or you need to focus harder?

With most artists, music is my greatest inspiration source. You can’t do art without emotions and music is the greatest source of emotions. 🙂

Sometimes when doing work for companies, I need to focus harder and think about the project because those projects are usually emotionally more “dull”.




3. How does the designing process looks like when you’re designing anything?

Well first I get the order of course from the customer; I listen to customer’s requests or preliminary ideas. If the customer is a band, I usually ask at least lyrics for inspirational source or possibly demo songs so I can design the upcoming artwork to fit the music as much I can while respecting the customers wishes. I also listen to the song(s) on repeat when designing the artworks.

Sometimes client and my own visions clashes together about the project, so I usually do several designs based on client’s wishes and one based on mine. This often leads to “BINGO” moment for the client and we get more accurate and visually more appealing artwork done. 🙂


4. Can you share with us the story of BLACKBYTE? How did that all started?

I’ve worked for several different companies in the past and in every job I’ve ended up doing some kind of graphics design stuff. During that time I’ve also been honing my skills as graphics designer and received lots of questions/requests for several jobs. At that point I started to think if I should found my own company.

In 2009 when the world economy was bad, I got fired from my long term job like many others and I took that as a sign that it’s time to test my wings as self employed. I’ve never been happier about that choice! 🙂




5. Do you only create designs for musicians and music business or do you also make design for other people?

Music industry is actually the smaller part of what I do and unfortunately I do not have as much time for it as I would like so I’ve had to cut large chunk out of it.

Today I have several different business partners from different companies, game/movie industry that really takes up my time.

Even though I have loads of work, I consider myself as “unknown artist” as I can’t show most of my work due the contracts I have today. Only really small part what I do, I can post to my Facebook page or elsewhere.

At some point this year or the next, I will be growing my company with more artists so I can get back to music industry as it’s really what I enjoy working with. 🙂


6. Was it hard to become a graphic designer or have you found it easier to call yourself someone that always something to do? Or maybe except for being a designer you have other things you do?

Becoming graphics designer is not hard if you got the talent, making real money out of it by simply doing graphics design… it’s a another story! J

In my case being graphics designer has brought me several different jobs that I’ve never even thought about. Jobs like photography, sales/marketing/purchasing support, consulting, IT support, training/teaching, media assistant, video editor etc.

Basically it’s very very hectic business, but fortunately as I have my own company – I can take a day off whenever I feel so to be with my kids and girlfriend. 🙂


7. How has your co-operation with Mekanism begun? You’ve worked on their lyrics video, Our Last Day, along with Stephen McMenamin. Can you please tell more about this video, how was the concept born, what was the idea behind it and how long did it take to make it?

I think they posted a message to my wall at a Finnish social website called Irc-Galleria and I really liked their music so I asked if they need website etc. After that I’ve pretty much done everything you see for Mekanism. 🙂

As for the lyrics videos, I’ve had minimal impact on those. I basically just did the background/fonts for the Our Last Day based on their album and that’s it. 😀

But for the next lyrics video, I’m gonna be working more closely with Stephen and your gonna see more of my touch on it so stay tuned! 😉



8. You seem to get along very well with Mekanism guys. Are you friends in private as well? What do you think about them, their music? Which is your favourite Mekanism song?

These dudes are just awesome!!! I can honestly tell that they are my number one client. Even though we’ve never met (Yet, due my schedules. Sorry guys!), I’m proud to say that these fellas are my friends!

You know, these are the kind of clients that if you’re in town – you can just call them and ask if they’ll join with you for a beer etc. That’s something I really appreciate with this job and luckily I have that kind of relationship with many of my clients. 🙂

As for their music, I’m a huge fan. All of their songs knocks my socks off! 🙂

My favorite song? I really can’t choose, all the songs are so well balanced together that it’s impossible to choose! Totally kick-ass band in every way! 🙂


Colrath gallery and amazing artworks you can find HERE:


All photos published in this interview belong to Colrath and are copyrighted by him!