The story begins in 2012 when a Polish girl – Iwona – started to work with one other girl on a music blog named “Black Water Project”. Within few months girls made few interviews and other music related stuff, but communication between the girls were not perfect. After about 8 months Iwona decided to leave BWP to create her own music blog.

In the beginning she was working on her own, but after nearly a year she decided to share the idea with her Facebook friends. The first one that joined her – Gabi – was thinking about creating a website, on which she could write about music. When Iwona shared her blog link to a group of fans of one Finnish band – Private Line – few girls, including Gabi, decided to join her. And now this International team of super-ladies is making this blog even better than at its beginning.

And then the blog became silent as Iwona and others focused on different things and the team turned out to be not that much devoted to the music blog thing. Although Crack In Reality will resurrect in late 2014.

So stay tuned, keep on following the blog and you might find something new and different.
Crack in Reality is about to go through a metamorphose this Autumn!


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