Unzyme “Override” – REVIEW

Over 4 years of waiting. They released their debut album back in 2010. 3 people in one promising band – Unzyme.
Over 4 years of waiting for the second album. Waiting – with hopes and fears.
I was hoping for progression. I feared that “Override” will be just as the first album. It’s nothing bad about it, but still I feared that they will remain in the point from which they started.
I wished for evolution of the music, the enlargement of the lyrics and advancement of the band itself. Now I can say my fears were unneeded. Unzyme met all my expectations.

I decided to take a listen with mixed feelings. I also decided to take notes while listening to the songs one by one, to describe my thoughts in the present time.
1. Relay (3:27).
I was lucky to hear few songs in their demo versions and this one was one of the first ones. I was positively surprised how the music grew from a simple plan to the final version. The lyrics came its long way smoothly from a clean idea to a story that fits the band’s style.

2. Step outside (3:46).
This song is simply hypnotizing. If anyone is desperately looking for this magical place where music meets the lyrics – you don’t have to search any longer. This is the point of perfection. I was a tiny bit disappointed that it’s only the second song of the album, but my heart is smiling now. I used to focus on music background or on the lyrics, forgetting the other part. Here I hear everything as one. It’s very rare to create such gem.

3. Mother of all bombs (3:02).
Have you ever thought about mixing electronic music, meaningful lyrics and rocking sound? Impossible? Nope. It’s like mixing tastes and scents. You have to be a master chef in the kitchen to to things like that. Mixing styles that at once don’t fit in music, you have to be genius-minded. Here’s where you find this beautiful mind.

4. Sinking in the past (3:40).
This song is one of the best surprises on the album. While listening I thought like I’ve heard this before. And I don’t mean the demo. The final album version of the song reminds me of something. It’s not the feeling you get nowadays where everyone is coping everybody. It’s like a melody you had in your head for so long and finally you hear it for real. Unzyme definitely know how to perfectly connect electronical music with soft pianos and vibrating vocals.

5. Don’t accept your fate (3:06).
What else can I say? Do I hear cello? Or is it double bass? Violin maybe? My first thought was “Really guys? How could you molest my head like that? Is it even legal?”.
I used to be a major rock fan. Other styles were tolerated. And then Unzyme happen.
If you don’t believe musical miracles – you better do now.

6. I can’t stand this silence (2:51).
And here comes my fears. First tones of the song sounded like it’s going to be plain pop-ish song. But this fear lasted no longer than a neutron impulse. Joona made it sound like a proper and serious successor of Neil Tennant. The song brings me straight into the future of the style. Pet Shop Boys would be proud! The song is smashing!

7. Faces I knew (3:45).
Now that’s the music I like. Gentle vocals of Joona’s deep voice complement the music and create ensemble that is a real pleasure for the listener. That’s what I expected from this album. Wise words in song-lyrics, great not-disturbing music and the vibe. It’s hard to say anything more when you find something that speaks for itself.

8. Bad old times (4:26).
Have you ever felt hypnotized by an old music box from your childhood? I felt like I found that sort of music box in an old abandoned house. When it starts playing I can feel the air filled with dust flowing through my hair. Air brings old photos right in my hands. Dust sparkles in the dim light from the windows…
I might not mean the lyrics the way its author did but it feels magical. And i love to be tackled in my creativity spot!

9. Which way (3:32).
This is the first time I hear this song, so it’s like discovering new places.
I wanna applause to Unzyme again. I can strongly feel the inspiration of PSB, but totally in Unzyme style. I need to be on a gig where this song is played – I’ll be the first one dancing!!!
The biggest mystery of the album – the biggest shock! Can I clap my hands now?

10. Thought of decay (4:59).
So far my only lullaby was sung by The Cure. The list must be extended to this song as well. Lyrics are my kind of sad and moody. Music sooth me after a long day and after a great album that made me wanna move. Having this song as the closing chapter of “Override” is ideal.

To make long story short. Listening to the “Override” album was a pure pleasure not only for me – waiting few years on it, but especially for my ears. All my fears go away now, when I know how amazing it is. I started with a worried mind with a vision of a band that is not evolving. Now I wanna punish myself for how I could even think like that? It’s been a long way in time with a lot of bad and good stuff on the way. It’s shown in this 36-minutes-long album.

It was worth it. It was definitely worth it.

And now the squirrel goes dancing…

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