Jaani Peuhu “Tear Catcher” – REVIEW

"Tear Catcher" album cover

“Tear Catcher” album cover

The album starts with a song entitled “Lifelines” that at first makes me think about an A-ha song with the same title. But Jaani’s version is – I have to admit it even as a big A-ha fan – more enchanting with it’s drums and dark melody. In addition lyrics sound like an underwater sirens completely catching the attention of the audience.

The second track is sharing the title with the album (“Tear Catcher”) is more powerful. Drums are getting stronger, and Jaani’s voice is getting louder. You can close your eyes and you will hardly notice the break between this song and the one that comes right after it, which is “My Sky”. Both makes your heart skips a few beats to synchronize to the drums. To the weak hearted – it may cause a little heartache, although those who are great dark wave and synth pop fans are going to loose themselves in this hypnotizing sounds.

The fourth song on the album is slower one called “I Believed”. Compared to anything else it’s like a listener decided to take a slow walk after few minutes of intense running. After three Iconcrash albums, Jaani Peuhu shows that he definitely knows how to make a synth pop ballad with an deep dark wave background.

“Unspoken Loss” starts with a heartbeat-alike sound that goes straight into your head – mind wearing in-ear headphones here! The song with Jaani’s vocals will take you from where you are into a place with a perfect acoustics.

“Mercy Kiss” might sound a little disturbing at first but not even after half a minute the song makes you wanna move. Personally it almost made me dance even though I don’t know any dance moves.

The second half of the album starts with the song “Maybe God Is Asleep”. It begins as an acoustic song while after a minute you can finally hear the melodic background to the guitar. In opposition to the first songs on the album, this one is the relaxing vibe to the previous notes.

Once you are calmed and relaxed, there comes “Follow me”. You can hear slightly exotic note within this song. In my head it created few visions of Asia once I decided to close my eyes.

After “Follow Me” there comes “No Regrets”. It surrounds with dark mixture of sounds and vocals like a voile of wondering what was the inspiration to the author. Even though to me it almost caused a headache, I have to admit that it’s mystery attracts like a magnet, even if I try to get away from it. Calm ending makes my heart slow down to a normal tempo and makes me feel like a rabbit running away from a hunter. Weird feeling but it fits the album’s atmosphere more than greatly.

The tenth song is “Did You Ever?” that prolongs the exotic Asian feeling inside me. Personally I think it’s the most magical song on the album. It calms me down and scares me. In makes me feel good and bad at the same moment.

“Desire” is the closing song on the “Tear Catcher” album. It feels like the author is going back to the beginning of it. The tension is building up as the drums are resounding. As Janni’s vocals reverberate – the desire is growing bigger and bigger while the melody gets darker and darker. It’s the longest song on the 11-songs Jaani Peuhu album and it’s definitely the darkest of all.

In summary, the album consists of eleven tracks of dark wave and synth pop atmosphere. Recorded for nearly three years in many places in Europe and around the world. The album was honed by both International producers as well as by the author himself in smallest details.

Lyrics are – as in the nature of Janni Peuhu – deep, and each track has its own individual story in the background. The songs can be listened to by fans individually, but also together as a unified work form a complete picture. On one hand, the songs are like the components of a larger whole, but on the other hand, it does not take away their own individuality.


Jaani Peuhu – “Tear Catcher”
1. Lifelines 5:12
2. Tear Catcher 4:15
3. My Sky – Single Version 3:43
4. I Believed 4:42
5. Unspoken Loss 6:06
6. Mercy Kiss 3:30
7. Maybe God Is Asleep 3:48
8. Follow Me 3:46
9. No Regrets 5:13
10. Did You Ever? 5:47
11. Desire 7:23
Whole album length: 52:55

One thought on “Jaani Peuhu “Tear Catcher” – REVIEW

  1. ewianmusic says:

    a fabulous album, love it

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