Snickers, table tennis and great amount of energy – an interview with members of Plug&Play

"Reisefieber" album cover

“Reisefieber” album cover

Plug&Play is a Lublin-based band who has been playing alternative music since 2006. They are considered the pioneers of Lublin indierock scene. Their stage experience and activity leading through both small venues and underground parties as well as the biggest alternative music festivals in the country (Opener, Jarocin, Rafineria) has constituted and confirmed their place among the most important Polish independent bands.
Band’s line up:
Kuba Majsiej (vocals, guitar)
Wojciech Papierz (bass)
Maciej Stachyra (drums)
Luiza Orpik (vocals)
Agnieszka Ozon (keyboards, vocals)

As with any fresh breath of music, I wanted to ask where did the Plug & Play came from? How was the band formed and how your style evolved?

Kuba: The band was created because a group of people wanted to play music in genres they were listening to themselves, and some wanted to go to gigs with such music. In Lublin, in addition it was something new, just coincided with a wave of guitar music revival, so our style quite a bit initially set in strictly guitar play in the style of new wave and post punk, with time we wanted to expand our sound, with the influx of new inspiration and skills, so was today, we change all the time, both under the influence of other skills of listening, as well as skills and musical history of individual members making up the band.

Staying with the history of the band. Your line-up has changed since the uprising almost completely. Are you happy with the current composition? How do you work together?

K: I’m very glad, because I generally managed to capture a valuable artistic and creative balance – a community, and it’s a team thing basic.
Maciej: I personally work with the current members of the team very well. It is true that I am not in the band since the beginning but I worked with almost all people that have scrolled through the Plug&Play outside Michał Branicki. Working with some was better with others worse but in the end we all get along now without any exceptions. At least on my part so it would seem.

You share your menager with few other bands. Isn’t it hard for you to fight for attention?

K: We don’t fight for attention at all, it’s not in the nature of our band.
M: Tomek joined the team recently and luckily there was still no discord on this issue. The guy is doing his best and up until today we have nothing to complain about.

Band consist of 5 members, including 2 girls and 3 guys. How come you haven’t kill each other yet?

K: Basic skill in life is – on the advice of the great Roman Wilhelmi – know when to punch, and when to let go. It is essentially a golden recipe for a successful life.
M: I often wonder about that. We all know how to differentiate between friendship from short circuits or tensions, and this is probably just the reason why we all live still. Not only we do make a good team but also musically we all really like each other in private.

You’ve got great contact with fans, soas on stage and on social network. Have you ever felt like „typical” artists, that act like celebrities? What makes that, despite being in a band you preserved the clearance in dealing with the audience?

K: Perhaps after so many years in independent music, you just know your fans, of course, not all by the name, but you know this type, you know that it is intelligent and demanding person, grabs your sense of humor and aesthetics, often because they understand the texts derive from a common generational experience, it’s easy to say to someone you know.
M: Superstaring is for celebrities. I personally eat a lot of Snickers and therefore I’m not superstaring.
You’ve released several EPs, last year was released your debut, and recently – with a hurray! – Mini-album, and in addition by effort of Scotch label. If you had to say which publication you like the most? What are you most happy about?

K: I like the most the latest album – Reisefieber, because it was able to (probably since the Electric Night) finally catch up with artistically of what we deal with on a regular basis. But sentiment, as a composer, I feel to everything that we published, it is a musical record of a history.
M: I have been involved in the recordings to “Why so close?” and “Reisefieber” so I can only comment on these two publications. Definitely Reisefieber. I think that the release of the EP_ without haste, in peace and in 100% as us, and only us gave the desired effect.

In the next year, according to the calendar you will hit a decade of existence of Plug & Play. Are you planning to have any specific form of celebration or you are not thinking about it, and you will go with the flow?

K: Sometimes, we have something in mind, it would be worthwhile to meet after many years and, together with the most important people in the history of the band to do some jubilee gig. But on the other hand I do not feel this decade on the scene, so it’s a little overwhelming.
M: Although there are no specifics about it, but I see no other possibility than to celebrate this fact. We’ll definitely figure something out.

Your name screams out: plug it and play! But tell me, how Plug&Play is relaxing?

K: I mentioned before that aside from playing we give much time for fun, I think that in general we like to spend time with each other , so we meet both to party, to celebrate our birthdays together or to play the console, I still feel a little lack of small DKF.
M: Certainly atmosphere of Lublin pubs helps to relax. We also have a table tennis table in the room that sometimes discharges us during breaks in the rehearsals. Me and Wojtek also like to go fishing during summer season.

2013 was a very hardworking year for you. Will your schedule be equally busy this year?

K: In 2013 alone, by itself and the means we have completed a four-song muinialbum. It took us almost a year. 2014 should be even more diligent, we will try to remind ourselves often about.
M: 2013 was busy but we are not afraid of work, and frankly, we hope that we will work more often and more intensively.

You see a falling star: what do you wish for?

K: To be able to maintain with what I do and therefore completely devote myself to music.
M: I wish that I’d never ran out of energy and the desire to create music.

Whatever you wish, I wish you twice as more. And thank you for your time.