Zib zab zabulous, 13 questions from the grave – an interview with Private Line

On which album you enjoyed to work on the most?

Elias: I did enjoy making the first album coz there was certain kind of buzz going on in my head…you see I  was able to drink so many days in a row… But I have to say Dead Decade.

Ilari: Evel Knievel Factor ‘cause I took a time-out from everything else then. It was great to concentrate on the album only!

How do the studio sessions look like? Do you share your ideas while working in the studio?  How are the songs being born? Who has the most idea of lyrics, who likes to try new things, to ‘play’ with the songs the most? What are the point of views when deciding which songs would make on the albums?

Elias: It is like a brainstorm warzone from any given movie from Arnold Swartzenegger or Chick Norris. I say stupid one liners to Sammy and he usually say something wise like….”I´ll be back”. Afterwards in the final lyrics there is a line ” I´ll be back” lmao, sorry just kidding.  We do share all kind of ideas and riffs and we do like to try all sorts of crazy ideas. In the end they usually sound like Private Line. Which song make it to album….hmm depends on the package 😉

According to the question above: what is your biggest inspiration while working on the new material? Is there any new material being born? When can we count on a new album, and how far are you with studio works by now?

Elias: I guess I have to say life gives you best inspiration, usually the down side of it. There are songs, riffs, melodies etc, it is a puzzle.. can´t really tell when they´re  ready. They are kind of ready already but then they are not ready ’cause there might be something more ready coming…you know they are ready already and then they suddenly are not ready.  Simple as that 😀 Some of the songs might be ready already we just cant tell yet… hard question because I just don’t know the answer to that but I have a really good feeling in my liver that it wont take so long this time than the last one.

How did you came up with Greenpeace (“Dead Decade”video)? What was first:  the idea of the song or the proposition from Greenpeace to cooperate? Or maybe it was something else?

Elias: Song was first and I had a friend working on Greenpeace so it was zib zub zabulous.

ELIAS: How did you came up with the idea to have Animal from The Muppets as the tattoo?

Elias: Animal has been my buddy since I was a kido, so we are friends for life 😀

Does the fact you play in a rock band means you only listen to rock music or do you like other genres as well? Do you experiment with the styles while working on the albums?

Elias: Yes it does. I don’t listen to any other music than rock music. Everytime I hear a song for example in a bus, I run to the drivers booth and stop the bus and give the driver a CD that is full of good rock songs from unknown artist like, “Eagles” “Metallica” “Poison”…etc and highly recommend him/her to play it since I cant listen to any other music than ROCK…… Nooooo of course I listen to other music. I used to study classical music and jazz but I think rock music has the most impact on me.

Ilari: The genre’s really not that important as long as the song’s good & it has the right  feeling for the moment!

Ilari Heinäaho

Ilari Heinäaho

Would you risk and take a chance in Eurovision to gain some more fans and popularity or you’d be afraid of being pigeon-holed as an Eurovision band?

Elias: No.

Ilari: Don’t know!

What was the weirdest or sweetest gift you’ve ever received from your fans?

Elias: Parachute condom bag of course… lol

Ilari: Small McDonald’s fries.

Elias Logrèn

Elias Logrèn

Is there anyone from the music industry that piss you off really badly?

Elias: Yes, whole industry.

Ilari: Not any certain person but all the “geniuses”, who uses the music market to desperately & artificially maximize the shareholder value on the cost of music itself.

The song “Live, Learn and Grow Apart” means a lot to me, especially the line “We’ve gotta live before we die, don’t pretend we ain’t born at all”. I would like to know more about this song. How was it born, on what occasion?

Elias: many places as I recall..

Ilari: The main riff & chord progression came to me while driving a car with no working stereo. That’s how many good ideas come to me btw! This was taken to the guys, put through our PL-meatgrinder & painted with lyrics at Kaapelitehdas (our old rehersal place) and the previous East Sound Studio.

Do you consider making an album of (so far) unpublished songs, or a DVD with concert videos, interviews, backstage videos? Maybe an acoustic album, for which your fans really yearn for?

 Elias: Well we might consider 😉

Ilari: Second that!

What  do you do in your free time? For example, we’ve heard Elias is about to finish his studies in order to help handicapped people. How did this come and what will he do actually? And what about the “silent, invisible” member of the band, Spit? What are his hobbies, what was his original profession, his job?

Elias: I don’t have any free time but if I do…all hell´s braking loose. The way I see it you have to do something that counts for living, otherwise it is just working for money and I don’t have high respects for money, even though we all need it to get by..

Ilari: I try to work out in many different for not to explode my ass out of my jeans. And, of course, motorcycle stuff & drinking beer.

(from the left): guitarist Ilari Heinäaho, guitarist Jack Smack, singer Sammy Aaltonen, drummer Elias Logren and bassist Spit. Photo: (c) Kaylin Idora

(from the left): guitarist Ilari Heinäaho, guitarist Jack Smack, singer Sammy Aaltonen, drummer Elias Logren and bassist Spit.
Photo: (c) Kaylin Idora


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