From punk style to “Back Beat” – interview with The Winyls.

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Firstly, can you tell us the story behind The Winyls? How did that all started, when you met each other? And of course: where did the name for the band came from?

We (Hc and James James) were spending a break between lessons in high school…and we thought, it would cool to play in a “worst band” ever. Our early years were really punkish but a lot has happened since that. Maybe someday we will return to that musically as well. Our attitude has remain same. The Winyls is derived from a stupid phrase that we found Leady repeating just to irritate rest of us 😉

Line up of the band had changed since the band was established. Why did it change and are you happy with current line up or do you leave it an open door for potential new members?

We have had different solo-guitarists, but I think this current line-up will be long-lasting. It has been so already for several years. But it always good to keep doors open…in life wherever possible.

You’ve released 3 LP’s. They are very close to classic rock in style, but there are songs with a catchy twist like “Tango Fatale”, “Would you believe” or “Say what you say”. Was this your intention to make your sound not so obvious to categorize?

“Tango” was like a puzzle of lots of different things. I think it is one of our most ambitious songs. There are something like half million tracks in it (which is not typical for us). Usually when you got so many tracks it sounds too messy or arrangement has gone wrong, but I think the song sounds good and there are many fine moments from which one could be proud of. In general, it is hard to listen own recordings, because usually you only hear the mistakes you’ve made. Would you believe is a funny punk-march-type-song, with straight-forward attitude. And from “Say what you say” it is possible to hear some oasis-like fragments. I think it’s never an intentional decision to create something that is hard to categorize. It is subconscious desire to create something new.

This year you’ve released a single “Back Beat”. It’s another proof that you’re unique and like to experiment with music styles. At the beginning we can hear a part from classic style, played on a violin, then some electric beats, and then with big “WOW” comes the proper part of the song full of rock vibes. Is this song some kind of prelude to your upcoming album?

Yes, I hope so. Back beat was also remixed by Heavyweight DJ’s. The truth is there will be a lot of different songs coming and now we are thinking how to link them. More traditional rock songs as well as more dance and even hip-hop elements…stay tuned!

Staying in music topic: what are your influences? Do you get inspired by other Finnish artists or you also take something important into your music from foreign artists?

Of course everyone has influences and some references… Most of us have a shady classical background but I think our main sources of inspiration has been giants like The Killers, Scissors Sisters, The Beatles, Queen and Led Zeppelin. We are glad we had a chance to meet and support The Killers with their Finland’s gig a few years ago.

We’d also like to ask a bit about the background of your music carrer. What made you decide to make music, instead of choosing another path in your life?

Only our guitarist is actually a full-time musician. For others it is a passion and serious second job. That means we are not forced to make compromises in music, and we still can pay the rents etc.

Back Beat was out in 2013

Back Beat was out in 2013

When it comes to recording, how does that look when The Winyls get into the studio? Are you a kind of band that walks into the recording studio with a ready plan, and do you try to spend the least time there? Or maybe you’re not in a hurry, you like to have everything planned? In short words: are you “take it easy” or more of “hurry up” guys?

It’s both and it depends…. But usually when we are in a studio like Finnvox which is really expensive, we have had careful preparations. After that when we continue working guitar, synth and vocal tracks in our own studio, in Kaapelitehdas we are more laid back. Honey & Lime was recorded in an old villa in Porvoo called Magnusborg. We spent one month there with one sound engineer. That was great, but we could have done it (recordings) in one week or so. There was always a time for celebration, which was nice though. And creativity needs time, anyway.

How does look like with touring? Have you played somewhere outside Finland or do you focus on you motherland?

We have played in UK, Los Angeles, Berlin and a few times in Russia. But we are “still hungry” as Twisted Sister’s used to say. Last gigs that we have played have been in Finland, but we are looking forward to play in Poland! Never done that before!

In your shows you always try to include your fans with singing along and playing instruments. How important is that to you? Was there ever a special moment?

Yes, we think it is a special and unique moment for both; for us and for the people who come to see us. We like to do things by instinct!

In your music videos and sometimes on stage as well you wear some sort of costumes. We’d like to know if there’s any meaning of it or are you doing this only for pure fun?

We like to think what to wear, but the theme changes…we like – for example – the hand-made masks Leady brought from his trip to Croatia, but I think we all agree the main thing is music.

What is the craziest thing you ever did or the funniest moment you can remember doing together as a band?

There are many. One of the funniest things (to tell public) was when made a trick to our drummer. We were recording Honey & Lime in Magnusborg till late night. Pablo was having an early morning wake up because of his job and was already sleeping. We changed the time settings 4-5 hours too early in his mobile phone and waited in our own army like- beds for Pablo’s wake-up-call. We were all sleeping in the same big room. When the phone and the alarm rang, Pablo woke up (4-5 hours too early) and went to shower. Others jumped out of our beds and laughed and ran to the other side of the building where his car was parked. After shower Pablo came there and was really off his head. He said: ”I’m really messed up. I am sure you all were sleeping in the same room when I woke up…” “No, we have been here chatting all the time,” we answered. Pablo was already driving to his work (4-5 hours too early) when we stopped the car and said that he should look at the clock in his car.

Poor Pablo, this was ugly one, but funny, at least we thought it was funny after a few soft drinks.

Do you like to play at the festivals? We work together with the Suomi Sound Fest. How did you come across this project? What made you interested in participating in it?

Yes, we love festivals. But it’s not everyday that you have opportunity to play in festivals. I think live shows are the best thing in playing in a rock band. We heard about the possible chance to play in Poland from a very nice girl who came to see our show. Pablo has visited Poland and told that it is a very beautiful place. It would be really really great to play there. Looking forward to it!

Your fans say that it’s amazing how you are so great on every show and still even though you must be tired after gigs, you’re still so friendly and ready to chat with people after leaving the stage. How do you do that?

We think we need to give the best we’ve got in every show (we can not do it otherwise), it’s the very core of our essence as a rock band. It’s true though it’s sounds like a cliché. And we’re honestly very grateful to everyone who comes to see us and supports us! We like to consider our audience more friends than fans.

Getting back to your latest songs and music you are currently making. Can you tell us something about the new material? Are you working on a new album, or are you focusing more on touring now? What can we expect from The Winyls in near future?

Yes, we do not know in which form it will appear, but new songs will appear. Quite soon. We are working in the studio at the moment for a new material. We like to try different experimentations, so it takes time, but hopefully the result will be nice to listen.

Thank you for your time!

Thank you and hope to see you all soon!

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