The magician behind BLACKBYTE – the amazing Colrath Furiae

1. When did you decide to become a graphic designer? Was it something you’ve been thinking for a longer time or was it just something you’ve been good at so you’ve decided to make money out of it?

I think I was 14 years old when I started to play a MMO game called Diaspora. At some point people started to customize the game UI and I decided to try that too (can’t remember the software I started with) and I received good feedback about my UI’s so I got somewhat excited about graphics design at that point.

Soon after I downloaded Adobe Photoshop trial version (because people recommended it) and joined art website called There I found lots and lots of inspirational artworks and I knew this is what I really want to do.

After that I’ve kind of been practicing my skills and I’ve even received few Daily Deviation awards along the years at

I’ve never really been after money with graphics design until I was confident enough with my skills as a graphics designer and founded my own company (2010).


(The Missing Pieces)




2. What is your inspiration when designing? Do you have a certain vision in your head when creating something or you need to focus harder?

With most artists, music is my greatest inspiration source. You can’t do art without emotions and music is the greatest source of emotions. 🙂

Sometimes when doing work for companies, I need to focus harder and think about the project because those projects are usually emotionally more “dull”.




3. How does the designing process looks like when you’re designing anything?

Well first I get the order of course from the customer; I listen to customer’s requests or preliminary ideas. If the customer is a band, I usually ask at least lyrics for inspirational source or possibly demo songs so I can design the upcoming artwork to fit the music as much I can while respecting the customers wishes. I also listen to the song(s) on repeat when designing the artworks.

Sometimes client and my own visions clashes together about the project, so I usually do several designs based on client’s wishes and one based on mine. This often leads to “BINGO” moment for the client and we get more accurate and visually more appealing artwork done. 🙂


4. Can you share with us the story of BLACKBYTE? How did that all started?

I’ve worked for several different companies in the past and in every job I’ve ended up doing some kind of graphics design stuff. During that time I’ve also been honing my skills as graphics designer and received lots of questions/requests for several jobs. At that point I started to think if I should found my own company.

In 2009 when the world economy was bad, I got fired from my long term job like many others and I took that as a sign that it’s time to test my wings as self employed. I’ve never been happier about that choice! 🙂




5. Do you only create designs for musicians and music business or do you also make design for other people?

Music industry is actually the smaller part of what I do and unfortunately I do not have as much time for it as I would like so I’ve had to cut large chunk out of it.

Today I have several different business partners from different companies, game/movie industry that really takes up my time.

Even though I have loads of work, I consider myself as “unknown artist” as I can’t show most of my work due the contracts I have today. Only really small part what I do, I can post to my Facebook page or elsewhere.

At some point this year or the next, I will be growing my company with more artists so I can get back to music industry as it’s really what I enjoy working with. 🙂


6. Was it hard to become a graphic designer or have you found it easier to call yourself someone that always something to do? Or maybe except for being a designer you have other things you do?

Becoming graphics designer is not hard if you got the talent, making real money out of it by simply doing graphics design… it’s a another story! J

In my case being graphics designer has brought me several different jobs that I’ve never even thought about. Jobs like photography, sales/marketing/purchasing support, consulting, IT support, training/teaching, media assistant, video editor etc.

Basically it’s very very hectic business, but fortunately as I have my own company – I can take a day off whenever I feel so to be with my kids and girlfriend. 🙂


7. How has your co-operation with Mekanism begun? You’ve worked on their lyrics video, Our Last Day, along with Stephen McMenamin. Can you please tell more about this video, how was the concept born, what was the idea behind it and how long did it take to make it?

I think they posted a message to my wall at a Finnish social website called Irc-Galleria and I really liked their music so I asked if they need website etc. After that I’ve pretty much done everything you see for Mekanism. 🙂

As for the lyrics videos, I’ve had minimal impact on those. I basically just did the background/fonts for the Our Last Day based on their album and that’s it. 😀

But for the next lyrics video, I’m gonna be working more closely with Stephen and your gonna see more of my touch on it so stay tuned! 😉



8. You seem to get along very well with Mekanism guys. Are you friends in private as well? What do you think about them, their music? Which is your favourite Mekanism song?

These dudes are just awesome!!! I can honestly tell that they are my number one client. Even though we’ve never met (Yet, due my schedules. Sorry guys!), I’m proud to say that these fellas are my friends!

You know, these are the kind of clients that if you’re in town – you can just call them and ask if they’ll join with you for a beer etc. That’s something I really appreciate with this job and luckily I have that kind of relationship with many of my clients. 🙂

As for their music, I’m a huge fan. All of their songs knocks my socks off! 🙂

My favorite song? I really can’t choose, all the songs are so well balanced together that it’s impossible to choose! Totally kick-ass band in every way! 🙂


Colrath gallery and amazing artworks you can find HERE:


All photos published in this interview belong to Colrath and are copyrighted by him!


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