The story behind and plans ahead in interview with Chris Wicked from Malice in Wonderland

I would like to know how the Malice in Wonderland started. What’s the story of the band? I know you’ve started in 2005 but it’s a long time since you’ve been established as a band. What are the best moments, memories you have as being a band?

I started the band with some friends in the 90’s and everything developed from there. There’s been some line up changes during the years but the band have been progressing all the time with a lot of high points (and some lows). Best moments? Hmmm. This is hard as there been so many, but we’ve had some great shows during the years and it was a childhood dream playing with Def Leppard. Also travelling to China and meeting a lot of fans on the other side of the world is a great memory!

Was it obvious from the beginning who will do what in the band? I mean if that was clear that for example Chris Wicked will be the singer and Tracy Loveless will play guitar and so on?

Actually when I started this band I was the keyboard player. It was after a couple of years when we parted way with our then singer that I took the role as the lead singer, so it was not clear at all from the beginning that I would end up as the vocalist. In the early days it was different members than today and when our guitarist moved to Germany I recruited Tracy as the guitar player as I knew he was really gifted and the perfect guitarist for this band.

How does it look like in the studio? Does each band member work on his own part directly or are you having some kind of meetings where you discuss your ideas? Does the members of MiW suggest any ideas for other member’s parts?

Usually I write the music alone or together with Tracy, but all four members help arrange the songs and their own parts. When we work on a song in our studio it is a creative progress where everyone bring their ideas and suggestions for each others parts. This can sometimes lead to heated discussion, but that’s how it should be.

Chris Wicked Photo by Kristine Ristesund

Chris Wicked
Photo by Kristine Ristesund

Since your first LP “Malice in Wonderland” from 2005 you’ve released 3 EP’s. What are you focusing on right now? Gigs and events? Or are you working on any new material for full length album?

We will release our new full length album entitled “The Royal Brigade” in the end of the year, really looking forward to that as we’re really happy with the material! Also we are writing music for a new release next year. So that’s the main focus right now in addition to gigging.

You’re from Norway, a country of such a great artists like A-Ha, Aleksander Rybak (ESC winner from 2009) or Apparatjik (with ex-Aha member Magne Furuholmen), Apoptygma Berzerk and many more. Do you feel the pressure of proving the world that you’re good at what youdo or do you base on already big fan base you’ve earned since you’ve started?

Never felt any pressure in that way really, probably because from the start we thought more of Malice as an international act rather than a Norwegian band. Our fan base has always been from around the globe and the interest came early from abroad. We do however put a lot of pressure on ourselves, to always improve in every aspect.

Does the fact you come from country so full of famous names and artists helped you somehow in becoming recognizable or are you still improving your name in music business?

Actually when it come to our genre there’s no famous Norwegian bands, so I don’t think coming from Norway has helped us at all. I don’t think people will check out Malice if they for instance like Aleksander Rybak. We’re still struggling to get our name out there as I know that a lot of potential Malice fans don’t know we exist yet. This is what we do and we will keep on going spreading our name and music.

What are your plans as for the band? Focusing on gigs, studio sessions or to conquer the world in the near future? What can fans expect from MiW in upcoming months/ year?

We are now preparing for the Trash Fest in Finland were we will play a normal show as well as an acoustic gig. We’ll also have a some concerts in Norway. Other than that our main focusing is the release of “The Royal Brigade”.

Malice in Wonderland Photo by Kristine Ristesund

Malice in Wonderland
Photo by Kristine Ristesund

If you had to share anything with people that follows you on social networking sites and websites they can find you?

Everyone most follow us on Facebook @ Also check out our website where you can find a lot of info and links to all our social networks. We have also just released a new EP and the video for the song “Live For Today”can be seen here:

Cheers and rock on!! Stay Malice!
Chri$ Wicked // Malice In Wonderland


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