Bounds of blood and music in interview with Mekanism

Mekanism 1
As you define yourselves, you are five dedicated musicians, each with considerable experience on music fields. What are your previous projects, which instruments can you play, and why are you stuck to the instrument you’re currently playing in this formation?

J-V: My main previous project was called Damaging Fallout (Technical Death Metal), and I was one of the key songwriters, and lead guitarist for the band. So I had pretty much the same position in the that I have in Mekanism today.

Criss: I played acoustic gigs with M.McMenamin. I have also played Cello as a child, and drums when I was a teenager.

M.McMenamin: I’ve done this and that before, playing different instruments such as piano and guitar before settling to playing bass as my main instrument. I love playing the bass in the band because the sound is so powerful. Nevertheless, I write music mostly with my piano and guitars. I also enjoy singing but right now I’m on a break due to damaged vocal chords. I’m into producing and mixing as well and that’s become an important role in Mekanism.

Calu: I was the “Growler” of Damaging Fallout with my brother J-V. I have also played accordion as a child.

Ace: Before Mekanism I have played in numerous bands, ranging from cheesy prog rock to pop covers. I play the piano a little, though mainly as a tool for coming up with riffs and melodies.
mekanism 2
You are about to release a new EP, please tell us more about it!

MEKANISM: Actually we already released the new EP called The End of Fear and we are very excited about it!!

It is always interesting to see how in Finland new and new bands are being created, just like mushrooms in the woods after the rain. How was MEKANISM born?

MEKANISM: Mekanism is the brainchild of cousins Criss and J-V, who in spring 2010 set out to form a band that would be a mix of rock and metal influences. Criss’s good friend The Scot (M. McMenamin) took up bass duties while J-V’s brother Calu became the band’s rhythm guitarist. Meanwhile the band auditioned several drummers, and Ace’s technical, tasteful playing impressed the band. Upon his joining, the lineup of Mekanism was complete.

As said above, there are always new bands coming. What are the everyday difficulties in such a world where there are so many good rock bands, how can you manage to keep your position, your popularity among the fans, when you have to competite with many other bands?

MEKANISM: We just work our asses off, and keep on going. And offcourse believing in what we’re doing.
The lyric video of „Our Last Day” was done by Blackbyte (aka Colrath Furiae) and Stephen McMenamin. Can you please tell us more about cooperating with Colrath?

MEKANISM: Colrath is the best guy ever. He does badass graphics always on schedule. As a band, we love the guy. (NO HOMO)

What do you feel, what is the plus MEKANISM is able to give the rock fans?

MEKANISM: Some serious amount of BALLS.

As you write „Massive metal riffs interwoven with beautiful choruses create the atmosphere that Mekanism is all about” How was this concept born? Did you already decide at the very beginning „Ok, Calu would do the brutal vocal and Criss the clean ones”, or did it come with time?

MEKANISM: We had a pretty good idea of what we were about to do in the very beginning. We just wanted to create something fresh and kickass metal from Finland.
Your bassist, Mikko, has a Scottish sounding surname. Are you indeed a half-Scottish, half-Finnish gentleman?

M.McMenamin: tae’s rrrright mate

The intro of „Song Of Silent Suffering” is simply ethereal and beautiful. It reminds me (Anne) of a stream of waterfall in a mountain, among dark pine trees, in the fog. Tell us please more about this song, how it was born, who wrote the lyrics, what is the story behind of it?

MEKANISM: The song is mainly built around J-V’s guitar riffs. The intro is actually based on the notes used in the guitar riff that comes after it. The lyrics are about the idea of what “being a man” is, both from a societal standpoint and on a more personal level. Lyrics has been written by Ace.

M. McMenamin: The song is mainly built around J-V’s guitar riffs. The intro is made by M. McMenamin. The vocal melodies and harmonies were created by him and Ace. The lyrics are about the idea of what “being a man” is, both from a societal standpoint and on a more personal level. Lyrics has been written by Ace.

Whose idea was to shoot that poor polar bear in the video of „On The Edge”?????

MEKANISM: Actually, it was the video director, who had the idea 😉
(…. and how does Criss have such a good body… )

Criss: No pain, no gain.

Thank you for your answers, guys!!

by Mike Sirén
Graphics by Mike Siren and Blackbyte


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