Entering the nest of vipers.

Introducing the Vipers.
Band of Vipers is a synthpop band from Helsinki, founded by the ex-Iconcrash members Matti Toivonen and Riku Mattila.
With Iconcrash Matti and Riku successfully participated in UMK 2012(the Finnish eurovision song contest) and made it all the way to the finals.
They released two albums with the band and toured heavily around Finland and Europe. Some of their highlights included supporting My Chemical Romance at Hartwall-Arena and Kaiser Chiefs and White Lies at Circus Helsinki.
After Iconcrash, Matti and Riku wanted to follow their own vision and create music that is fresh and joyful.
The guys combine emotional vocal melodies and delicious synth sounds with aggressive guitars.
Their debut album will be out in spring 2013.
The band members are Matti Toivonen on vocals and guitar, Riku Mattila on bass, guitar and synths, and Lassi Toivonen on drums.
In live shows they will have an additional synth player on stage.
[content borrowed from Band Of Vipers official website]

Here you can read Matti’s answers for Crack In Reality’s questions. Enjoy!

matti toivonen

1. First of all, I’d like to ask you to tell me a bit about the history about the Band Of Vipers. How you’ve actually met each other? Also how and when did the idea for the band started and when you realized that this idea should become reality?

Matti Toivonen: Band of Vipers started to evolve when we we’re touring together with Riku as we played in a band called Iconcrash for five years. We had a big tour in the autumn 2011. Somewhere on the road we came up with the idea of a band who’d play finish rock covers… That didn’t lead anywhere, Thank heavens! but it was clearly a start to a productive collaboration. Beginning of the 2012 We started to write songs together with Riku and the results can be heard on our album “My Half Burnt Heart”

2. Two of you (Matti and Riku) were in other band – Iconcrash – before starting Band Of Vipers. What made you decide to leave the band? Was it the fact you wanted to started your own band or was it because you have been going different directions with other band mates from your previous band?

MT: I think it was my time to get to the center of the stage. I’ve always wanted to be a rock singer. I was in some sort of turning point in my rock career and I’m more than pleased we took this step with Riku.

3. Soon after announcing the creation of the band, you shared your first songs”Opposites” and later on “Another  ❤ song”. Both of them received quite good welcome on your Soundcloud profile. What was your reaction for it?

MT: I’m more than pleased that our music got such warm welcome.

4. In early spring you’ve released your debut album “My half burnt heart”. Can you tell me some more about the background of how you’ve been working on it? Who was writing lyrics, music and a bit about the production process?

MT: We started with making a demo of each of the track and there was few other tracks that didn’t get on the album with Riku.
We went to the coutryside with our portable studio gear and recorded demo versions of the tracks. We also worked in our own studios.
Me and Riku make a good team. We have lot of ideas and together they envolve to a great popsongs.I wrote the lyrics mostly after the demoversions, as I got more time to focus on the stories behind the songs. Every song on the album is about love and relationships. It’s the theme that we wanted to talk about on this album.

5. To stay in creating music: how does that process looks like to you? Was it hard to create it on your own? Was there anyone to help you?

MT: We produced this album together with Riku. Making of album is always hard, but we knew what we wanted to do so that made our job much easier.

band of vipers

6. When it comes to music itself, who’s your biggest inspiration?

MT: I like to listen music that has popmelodies. I’m personally inspired by many many people. I love it when people have worked hard to become a recording artist and I respect every single one of them who has succeed in this hard business. It inspires me!

7. Because there is a lot of sounds in your lives, it makes me want to ask: if not music, then what would you do?

MT: I’d be a fisherman.

8. You are only beginning with Band Of Vipers, but if I ask you to let your imagination run wild, where do you see yourselves in next few years?

MT: We make music to play concerts, because that’s what we’re meant to do. So I see us playing shows somewhere on this planet!

9. Now more reasonably, if you had to describe the music you make, where do you want to go with it, what do you want to achive with it, and for which people you want to create it?

MT: Everybody’s invited! We want people to have a good time while listening to our songs at home or during our concert. If I see people enjoying themselves while we’re on stage I’m achieving my goal.

10. What are your plans besides of the tour dates that we can see on your official website?

MT: We have a new single coming out next month!! How cool is that?

11. Any final thought for your fans?

MT: I wish everyone a wonderfull spring! I hope I see you soon on our gigs!

Thank you very much for your time.
Greetings from Poland
Iwona “Izzy”

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