“Discovering the background and revieling the plans” Interview with Anydoll


So firstly, tell me a bit about the background of how you’ve created the band and how you’ve met each other?
The first steps of Anydoll go back to the year 2006. We guess it means that we are rather old band by now Actually we could roll the tape way back to high school years, but maybe it is better not to bore the readers to death at this point. Let’s just say that we have known each other for quite a long time.
However, the Anydoll as you know it has been there since late 2009 when Gina joined us. We met her every once in a while when we played in same events with her band. Her voice amazed us. Then, when we found ourselves with no singer-keyboardist, we knew exactly who to call.

And can you tell me how did you came out with the idea for the band’s name?
No, we really can’t. The name just popped out from some mystical place of mind. We sometimes found ourselves thinking what the hell it really means. Fortunately we have found an answer. The name Anydoll stands for every Average Joe like us who love to express themselves by the means of music or some other form of art.

You come from Jyväskylä and you describe yourselves as a Electro-Pop-Rock band. As I’m discovering Finnish music, I found out that most of the bands come either from your city or from Helsinki. Do you feel like it’s helpful or is it more like a fight between those cities? What makes you different from the others?
What makes us different… Well, we are combining three different elements – pop, rock and EDM – in a way that no one has ever done before. We are also blessed with not one but two amazing lead singers. And of course we have cooler ties than any other band.
We don’t see any confrontation between any cities or nations when it comes to music. Actually we are a bit like lonely wolves and don’t even know the scene so much. So if there is a fight of some sort, we are definitely unaware of it. Almost every record label in Finland is based in Helsinki, so from that point of view the life is a bit easier for bands there.

When it comes to songs, you’re writing about simple but important every-day stuff but lyrics you write are powerful. Is the writing process easy for you or is it rather tough? How does it look like to write lyrics for Anydoll?
Well, we think that the song writing process is for us as it is for any artist, sometimes easy and sometimes very, very hard. We have re-written, re-arranged some of our songs at least five times and still are not sure if the songs are finished.
Usually the songs have everything done, including the vocal melodies, before the lyrics. So the lyrics come last, but definitely not least. Before even single word is written we carefully listen the mood of the song and try to find something that comes straight from our hearts and souls, whether it is touching or a tongue-in-a cheek mentality, to begin the writing process. Once we have made clear to ourselves what the song is about the lyrical part comes out easily, or sometimes not. Patience and willing to overcome yourself is always needed.
Anydoll 2
And I couldn’t let myself not asking, how can you combine catchy melodies, that make people dance with lyrics that has its message to listeners?
If we can make people dance we are very satisfied. If there are people who listen to the lyrics carefully and like what they hear, we are again very satisfied. In a perfect world the audience is dancing their asses off and simultaneously carefully listening what we have to say.
We believe that there are many important messages that can, for example, make you dance. One of most important things that we want to say to the world is that we, every single one of us, are incredibly strong of heart and incredibly capable of loving each other. These are pretty… hmm… danceable themes, don’t they

You’ve released a music video to a song called “Your world”. Can you tell me a bit more about the cartoon idea of it? And why you chose this song for the video release?
The cartoon idea came across when we were looking out video makers in Finland and stumbled on the animation works of Jan Andersson, the director of the video. One thing led to another and we found ourselves having a music video maker and best of all we didn’t have to take part in the making. The only advice we gave to Jan was “Don’t make the video too serious”. Jan followed our advice perfectly. In our minds the song Your World was the strongest one of Private Show EP, also representing the new electro-pop-rock style which we were aiming at that time (2009)

On what are you concentrating by now? And what can fans expect in the nearest future?
We are mixing our new songs and practicing our live show after a long long time spent recording and producing the new stuff. In other words we are planning to release our first full length album!
Before the new stuff our fans can stay tuned for a music new video release for the song Hand On My Heart. It will be some sort of a behind-the-scenes video from our recording and practicing headquarters.
Anydoll logo
You’re about to release your very first album. Can you tell me something more about it?
There will be some 10 to 14 new songs and what we can promise at this point is that the album will give a lot deeper and wider perspective to Anydoll than anything we have done so far. The songs are loaded with wide variety of strong emotions: love, hate, joy, grief, passion and more. We really hope that the album is ready by the spring 2013. So far so good!

If you could have any advice for young artists what would each of you say?
As far as we know we haven’t reached anything that would make us valid to tell the others how to make it in music. But there are some things that we have finally learned by banging our heads against the wall. First of all, the songs come first. Spend hell of a lot time with them and make them really good. Secondly, this is a cliché but absolutely true, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and be honest to yourself. If you truly love your music there’s a chance that someone else will like it too.

Thank you for your time.