Interview with Stala&So


Stala&SO was founded back in 1997 and since the beginning is known for melodic rock tunes and positive attitude. The band is fronted by by their charismatic vocalist, Stala. Other musical projects sadly forced the band to be on hold for a while but now they are back with even more energy than ever before.
The band is strongly influenced by the 70’s and 80’s glam rock bands, such as Sweet, T-Rex and Ziggy Stardust -era David Bowie, although Stala&SO shows their fans their own image and style and infects them with positive vibes through the shows.
And those 5 great guys found some time during the sessions in the studio where they are busy working on their second album, to answer some questions for us, so here they are.
“This is the show by SO” – enjoy it!


Some people think you look similar with Sammy Aaltonen from Private Line. You had a chance to meet each other at Trash Fest. Are you friends or just mates from music bussiness?
Sampsa: We’ve known each other for many years now. We are brothers with different mothers.

You are part of Stala&SO now, and there was a period of time when both of you were in Lordi. Do you think you could still be in that band (as far as I know one other member of Lordi is also in other band) or are you fully devoted to Stala&SO? Would you ever think about any collaborations with your ex-bandmates?
Nick and Sampsa: We are fully devoted to Stala & So. right now. We are also very busy with the other things in our lives too, so we really don’t have time for other bands right now. For the collaboration question; It would be really cool to do something with the Lordi-guys at some point, but at the same time we really don’t see it coming, at least not in the near future. But never say never!

Does the fact that you and Sampsa finished the same subject (studies) makes any argues between you two in studio about the production stuff?
Sami J: Well, we would argue if we were not producers just because that’s what brothers do sometimes 🙂 But yeah, it’s not that much of an argument (it might seem like that to an outsider tho 🙂 rather than it’s trying to come up with the best possible solution for any given problem.

I’ve heard you have sheeps. How did you come up with an idea to have those animals?
Pate: I live in my grandparents old farm so it is kind of must to have some animals. Of course you want to hear I love sheep… and that’s So. true 😉 That’s also why couple of them are singing in our previous album!

Do you play any other instruments except for a guitar and bagpipes?
Pate: I play banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, tin whistle, low whistle, bass and harmonica.
If so, how did you learn to play those instruments?
Pate: Just by being interested in music and playing much.
If you were a woman, with which Stala&SO member would you like to have a date?
Pate: Absolutely a group date with Hank, Stala, Nick and Sami J.
Sami: i wouldn’t date any of those broke ass motherfuckers, hahaha!!
Nick: – I would propably date Pate, because he is a country boy and I like the peace in the countryside. And the work in the ranch is not totally strange to me..!
Stala: Pate on Mondays, Nick on Tuesdays, a day off, then Hank on Thursdays and Sami on Fridays and Saturdays. He needs double the attention. Sundays I’ll rest.
Hank: Pate, because he’s body is so sexy.

During the tour, there must have been some funny situations. Can you remind yourself some of the funniest ones?
There is constant laughter and joking going on when the five of us are in the same table or dressing room or van or wherever. Many times the most hilarious things happen very quickly and they just keep on coming, so it is very difficult to remember what are the MOST funniest. For example: Hank + smoked beans = Dangerous quantity of greenhouse gas.
If everyone of you had to describe each other with few words, what would you say about your bandmates?
Stala: Friend, leader of the pack, very charismatic lead vocalist and So. cute! Can be a bit percy at times.
Nick: The rock solid foundation of anything and everything. Stala’s left hand since the beginning. He might have been some kind of mysterious monster in his former life!
Hank: an awesome drummer, an awesome friend. Plays like an animal. Other half of our solid beat. Drinks beer like all the drummers.
Sami J.: Very talented, good looking and great lead guitarist, a friend you can trust. The baby of the band.
Pate: one of the great rock guitar players in the world with his Gibson Les Paul and his old and beaten Marshall-amp! A true partner in crime. Mysterious dude who sometimes ia a farmer, sometimes Captain America.
Tour questions: Does anyone of you snore or have smelly feet after every gig? Who spend the most of the time in front of the mirror?
Sami is the biggest snorer but Pate smells like cowhouse all the time.
Sami J. can’t pass a mirror without posing at least a few minutes in front of it.
What would you do, if you were changed into a girl for a week?
Pate: I would marry a rich man and try to get his life insurance money.
Sami: fondle myself, a lot.
Nick: I would propably just be amazed by my tits!
Stala: I would spend my time in the ladies room.
Hank: Give some love to all the guys in the world
Who is the biggest joker in the band? Who’s got the biggest sense of humour and who has the best contact with fans while on and off stage?
Stala has the best contact with fans. We are all quite good contact takers on the stage, off stage we are just shy boys… We are all jokers, it’s 24/7 “Muppet Show” to be on tour with these guys. Humourwise we are pretty close to one another.
Who’s the “mascot” in the band? The baby for other band mates?
Mascot: Our tour bus “Ritva”. It became our shelter and mascot on the recent tour. It served us well so we just have to take her to another spin!
Sami J. is the biggest baby we’ve ever seen.
If you were a book, what title would you have?
Cross-dressing tips for the middle-aged men.
Who’s the biggest flirt in the band?
It has to be Hank of course!
After European Tour this March, what are your plans for the nearest future?
Rehearsing, a new record, domestic gigs and possibly (and hopefully) some gigs outside of Finland. Next single will be out in 7th of November. Album will be out in February 2013.

Any message for your Polish fans?
We are really waiting and hoping that we could come to Poland and play for you guys. Keep on rocking and spread the world.
And keep your nails polished 🙂

Stala&So new song “Rock until I’m done”:

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