Iconcrash “Enochian Devices” review


Inspiring, honest, deep and emotional. “Enochian Devices” leads us through a journey that many people identify themselves with.

TRUE WILL shows listeners all the emotions that every one of us goes through at some point of life. From fear and hopelessness, through anger and congestion thoughts to deeply hidden hope for better tomorrow.

CIRCLE OF SIGILS begins with a song full of burning anger and dissapointment caused by the fact that someone important for us is no longer the same person and that relations between two people once perfect changed for worse are cannot be rebuild again. But first two lines: “Rise after centuries of hate/ Stop, no need to be afraid of falling” gives hope that we are all able to move on even when we’ve been hurt. Further on the album we can hear songs fullfiled with hopes and fears of what would happen but ended too soon. Yet still it shows that we are getting stronger while we might see ourselves weak.

Enochian Devices 1

Enochian Devices 1

Enochian Devices 2

Enochian Devices 2

Deep, poetic lyrics, inspiring and soft but still strong melodies and charismatic vocals make this album one of the best ones I’ve ever heard in my life. It reminds me what I’ve been through in life and while it still hurts, “Enochian Devices” helps me get through, calms me down and leads my self-esteem back on the right track.

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